Protoplast solo exhibition at Cargo Bar Basel




Dr. Simon Baur


September 20, 2022

"With Protoplast on a collision course in the Cargo Bar: Ever since Andy Warhol's "Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)" at the latest, scrapped cars have been part of the canon of art. The anonymous artist collective Protoplast adds dislocated human bodies and metal parts to the crumpled sheet metal bodies. These different parts of the picture are transformed into large-scale artworks that currently dominate the walls of Cargo Bar Basel. Protoplast alludes to the theme of collisions and difficulties in the relationship between man and machine. The works are Photoshop-free and handmade. They were pasted to the walls with wheat paste to make it possible to experience a living, flawed plastic three-dimensional surface structure. These works are interesting because heterogeneous material is fused into a total body of art, the individual parts of which can only be recognised on closer inspection, but which at the same time appears like wallpaper." (Art critic Dr. Simon Baur of "Basler Zeitung" about the Protoplast exhibition «motodrom orgol phanic», which ran at Cargo Bar Basel from September, 15 to November 13, 2022).