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Jetzt Kunst

The Fondation Jetzt Kunst has invited Protoplast to participate in a group exhibition in Basel from October 29, 2022 until February 26, 2023:
„The Protoplast works presented here with thebattered pseudo-English title «watter sportmalignism» deals at four positions in the GartenbadEglisee with the confrontation between ideal
ideas („water sports are healthy“) and often harshreality (accidents, infections, confrontations,conflicts) between people and objects, betweencultures, customs and religions, between immersionand possibly no longer surfacing, betweenopportunities and risks. Analogous to the life full ofchances and risks that we all lead. Into which
we immerse ourselves and hopefully do not emergefrom again too soon.“ (Rolf Zumstein, Curator ofFondation Jetzt Kunst)