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The presentation «motodrom spotr phanic» of the artist collective Protoplast took place in theart space „Redaktion“, Himmelrichstrasse 4,Lucerne from August to October 2022. The teamdisplayed eight handmade F12 posters on
the square in front of the gallery. The techniquewas inkjet and biros on A4 paper, pasted withwheat paste. The opening on August 27, 2022took place as part of the „Kunsthoch Luzern“
art festival. Gallery Redaktion describes itself asan „exhibition and negotiation space for contem-porary art“. Many of the positions shown are rela-ted to the _957 Independent Art Magazine.
The editorial team is led by Stephan Wittmer &Simon Kindle. Kunstraum Redaktion is supportedby Migros Kulturprozent and the culturalfoundations Fuka-Fonds, RKK and Temperatio.